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Entry #4


2008-03-23 03:21:33 by demont-rider

This is 3 of my own banner! I use photoshop and paint shop pro for make it ^^' Juste say what you think about it!

I know is not a beatifull quality becose of JPEG but is look like that!



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2008-03-23 03:32:50

1. 7/10
2. 6/10
3. 9/10

but thats just me :)


2009-03-13 16:21:32

first one I don't love it second same as the first last great but ''virus'' on something looks like snake skin yes but it's not the best

Geon-125 don't forget chicken ei prsperity!!!!


2011-06-15 21:27:31

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